Ways to Know You’re Reaching Foreign Markets

Tap into the World with Information

Do you know what it’s like to live in a foreign country?

If not, maybe it’s time to start learning. The world is becoming smaller and smaller as more people are taking advantage of the freedom of information that the internet offers. The Powdersvillepost will discuss 9 ways that you can tell if your business is reaching foreign markets.

The first way to know if you’re reaching foreign markets is by utilizing the Google keywords tool. This program will tell you what people are searching for in a particular country and how much competition there is for that search term. For example, let’s say someone from Canada searches “best laptop under $500”.


The keyword tool would show that many people are looking for laptops at this price range and it wouldn’t be very difficult to rank high on Google because of the lack of competitor websites. However, when we compare these results with those who use the same search terms but come from Mexico; they want an even cheaper laptop than their Canadian counterparts! According to our data, these two countries have completely different needs so knowing which market your business targets can help you decide what products to sell.

The second way is by using the Facebook ads platform and analyzing your audience’s demographics.

This tool tells you where people are located, their age group, income level, etc; which gives business owners a big advantage in how they market their product or service as well as at what price point they should be selling it for. Businesses typically will not have success with foreign markets if the demographic of said country differs greatly from who they’re marketing towards back home; so knowing these kinds of details beforehand can help save them time and money while still being able to serve those potential customers out there!

Ways to Know You’re Reaching Foreign Markets
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