How to Choose Clothes That Fit Your Body Shape

Choose The Best Clothes For Yourself

The first step to finding clothes that fit your body shape is figuring out what your body type is. There are three different body types: apple, pear, and hourglass. The differences between these shapes will determine how you should dress for them to look the most flattering. Collectif can help you find a perfect outfit for any body shape.

Hourglass: A person who is hourglass-shaped has a waist that’s about the same size as their bust and hips. They can look great in any type of top, from tshirts to sweaters.


Apple: An apple shaped individual has a larger build on bottom with slim legs and narrower shoulders than an hourglass shape or pear shape does. To make your body appear more proportionate you should wear tops with shoulder pads, such as polo shirts. Also, a darker color on the bottom and a lighter color on top will help balance out your body.

Pear: This body type typically has wider hips and upper body but slender legs which makes finding clothing difficult because it will either fit one area well but not another or be too baggy everywhere making them seem even bigger than they really are! If you’re pear shaped then wearing something form fitting on top with flare at the bottom will make your legs appear longer than they really are.

However, the most important thing to remember is that no matter what your body type, you can still look great in clothes! Body shape should not determine how you dress. No matter what your body type is you should always dress to make yourself feel good.

And remember, everyone has their own unique shape which means there isn’t just one way to dress any given type of body shape. You can choose different pieces based on whether something makes you feel amazing or not so great about yourself when trying them. Find the styles and brands that work best for you and flaunt it!

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