How to get the most out of BlueSnap: Comprehensive guide

11 Ways to Maximize Your BlueSnap Experience

BlueSnap is a global payment processing company that offers credit card payments, online debit, and mobile solutions. They have been in the business for over 20 years and are recognized as one of the top companies when it comes to PCI compliance.

BlueSnap has over 250,000 merchant clients. Their range of products includes credit card payments and online debit in multiple countries. They have a dedicated customer service team that is available 24/hrs to help with any issues you may encounter on their site or when processing transactions.

One of the most popular features of BlueSnap are recurring billing capabilities, which can be used for monthly subscriptions through software like BillMatrix and PayPal Subscriptions Manager as well as regular fixed fee charges by enabling subscription services with Payleven; this means merchants won’t need to collect payment information from customers at every purchase because it’s preregistered – just make sure the account balance will cover all expenses!


If your business sells high priced goods, you can use BlueSnap’s virtual terminal to process payments.

BlueSnap offers a “Payment Card Authentication” service that allows customers the option of entering their credit card information manually instead of using an ATM or chip reader. This way they’ll know for sure if it is being processed correctly!

If your business operates internationally, make sure BlueSnap has processing capabilities in the nations where your company does business; this will help ease any problems with international transaction fees and approvals from banks as well as simplify transactions when purchasing goods overseas.

You can increase security by taking advantage of ecommerce store builder features like SSL encryption on website checkout pages (meaning sensitive customer data won’t be exposed during transmission) and two factor authentication which requires customers to enter an additional password when logging in.

You can offer a “Buy Now” button for your ecommerce store which will automatically bring up the customer’s default shipping address and chosen payment method, saving them time!

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